CoVid Zertifikat Zugangskontrolle 3 in 1
Art.Nr.: VG10039

Automated access control with body temperature measurement and check if a protective mask is worn.

Relay contacts for the release of external door systems, gates, elevators etc.

Fully automated access control of customers and employees.

- Industrial quality
- 8 inch IPS full screen LCD screen
- 99.7% live face recognition rate in less than 1 second
- Body temperature measurement with up to 1 meter distance
- Alarm for excessive body temperature (adjustable)
- 0,1C Measuring tolerance
- Real-time export of presence and temperature data
- Also checks if mask is worn!
- Supports various peripherals such as ID card reader, card reader, QR code reader etc
- Ethernet and Wifi Network Module
- RS 232
- Software English
- Voice output: +25 Languages
- Android OS


- Design stand in different heights
- Peripheral devices like fingerprint scanner, QR code, card reader etc.

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