DEK NeoHorizon 03iX Screen Printer

DEK NeoHorizon 03iX

Vintage 2017
Condition: Used
Standard configuration

Manufacturer specifications as following; 
DEK NeoHorizon 03iX

- Machine alignment capability: ±12.5 µm @ > 2 C   (±6 Sigma)
- Wet print capability: ±25 µm @ > 2.0 C  , (±6 Sigma), AVS-certified
- Standard cycle time: 8 seconds + process
- Maximum printing surface: 510 mm (X) × 508.5 mm (Y)
- UIser interface Touchscreen, keyboard and trackball, DEK Instinctiv V9 software
- Camera DEK digital camera with 2-way LED illumination
- Squeegee adjustment: Motorized with squeegee pressure feedback
- DEK ProFlow: Optional
- Understencil cleaning: inclusive

Sale on behalf of customer!

Item number: all20192104
Category: SMT Screen Printer

Item number all20192104
Category SMT Screen Printer
Condition: Used
Year of Manufacturing: 2017
Conveyor Type: Single Lane
on behalf of customer: Yes

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