Double Side Laser Marking

Duplex Laser Markiersystem SPARK-CD - Panasonic Duplex Lasereinheiten - extrem schnelle Taktzeiten - Multipanels Beschriftung - Offline / Inline System - Lasertype: CO - unabhngige Servoantriebe - max board gre: 50 x 70mm - 470(350) x 350mm - smallest dot size: 0.11mm - LP-Dicke: 0,6 - 6mm - Bauteilhhe: 30mm - Codes: Datamatrix, Barcodes, Bilder etc. - Dimension: 1300 x 1000 x 1600 (mm) weitere details auf Anfrage.
Item number: Spark-CD
Category: Marking
1. One double-sided laser marker station is more efficient than two single side stations working together:
less space,low cost and fast laser marking.No need to flip and much more safe;

2. Z axis control system built-in, which improve the quality and reduce the time whenchanging the process;

3. Locate and Fool-proofing assisted with Jutze Vision System;

4. Top and bottom side work simultaneously, also independent;

5. Unique Jutze user interface: fast programming, simple operation;

6. Barcode Self-verifying: Double-marking protection and anti-wrong marking.

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