SMT Splice Products

Innovative Spleiss Klebebänder um SMD Gurte zu verbinden

SMD Splice products such as tape connectors, tape extensions and tools for your SMT electronics production

Experience and innovations all around the topic "SMD tapes the right way to splice"

The company allSMT GmbH & Co. KG, based in the Aachen region, has been selling splice products and consumables licensed by Siemens (ASM), among others, for more than 10 years. Long-standing customers from all over Europe purchase the products from allSMT.  Also Tape & Reel ( Re Reeling) Service Providers. This underlines the excellent quality of the splice tapes, SMD shims, connectors and splicing tools.


Tape splicing allows you to "refill" taped components by splicing a new tape without machine downtime.When splicing taped components, you connect the end of the paper or blister tape, which is inserted in the feed module, with the beginning of the new tape.


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Interesting Products for your Electronic Manufacturing process


Interesting Products for your Electronic Manufacturing process