Vakuum und Magazin Combo Belader

The unit loads your production line automatically and It is equipped with two PCB loading modes and especially suitable for single-line mode which processes double-sided pcbs.
Artikelnummer: VT-VMCL
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Standard features

  • PLC Program control
  • Selectable pitch settings
  • Towerlight display for machine status
  • Binding function of vaccum loader and magazine loader
  • Vaccum loading,Magazine loading and alternated mode selectable
  • SMEMA compatible


  • SMEMA cable(additional)
  • Magazine rack
  • Alternative suction cup size
  • Additional magazine capacity
  • Touchscreen instead of button panel
  • Enclosed construction improve level of safety
  • Other options available on request.

Artikelnummer VT-VMCL
Kategorie Vacuum Magazin Belader Combo
LP Dicke: 0,6mm-4,5mm
Magazin Größe: 355x320x563( M-Size ) 460x400x563( L-Size ) 535x460x573( XL-Size ) 535x530x570( XXL-Size )
Maximale LP Breite: 330mm 460mm 250mm 390mm
Maximale LP Länge: 445mm 530mm 330mm