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PCB Loading Process

Long Board Vacuum Loader

Longboard PCB Loader System
This unit is designed f the automatic loading of unpopulated Board’s such as LED Panels, onto the line using suction cups. The top PCB is lifted from a stack and lowered onto belt segment.

See the VennTek Long Board PCB Loader in our Show Room. Schedule a Demo today.


SMT Screen Printer

Long Board SMT Screen Printer
1 Step Printing process
simple & easy to learn Software
fast product changeover
automatic width adjustment
understencil cleaner with vacuum
2D Inspection
usable for products down to 0402 / 0603 (mm)

See the VennTek Long Board Screen Printer in our Show Room. Schedule a Demo today.


Soldering Process

SMT Convection Reflow Soldering System

choose between 8 – 14 Zones
Heating Tunnel length up to 900mm
Active Cooling Zones with Water Chiller
Center Support

See the VennTek Reflow Soldering Systems in our Show Room. Schedule a Demo today.


Buffering Process

Long Board PCB Buffer

The LED Board’s are collected from an upstream machine and transported into the Buffer System. This Unit can collect 28 pcs of PCB Boards and can be individually programmed.
A cooling function, as well as additional configurations and Software customization are possible.

See the VennTek PCB Buffers in our Show Room. Schedule a Demo today.


PCB Unloading Process

Long Board PCB Unloader

The LED boards’ are collected from upstream machine using attached conveyor and pushed into the PCB Trolley for easy floor transportation

See the VennTek PCB Unloading Systems in our Show Room. Schedule a Demo today.


the complete process solution

See the VennTek Systems in our Show Room. Schedule a Demo today.


Explore the equipment in our product catalog

Long Board PCB Handling

VT-LED-Buffer Series

LP Reinigungsband oberseite

VT-LPC PCB Cleaner

Riemen Transportband

VT-AS 3000

Bestück Transportbänder

VT-TBI 3000 Series

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Frequently asked Questions about VennTek

What is the typical lead time for VennTek Equipment?

After receiving down payment, please allow 6 – 8  weeks to manufacture your machine. We have some of the Units also in our Showroom in Monschau Germany on stock. For Rush Orders, there will be additional charges depending on how soon you need the machine. For more information contact us.

Do you have also smaller PCB sizes available?

Of course. We just showed you the current standard maximum PCB sizes we can offer so far of 1500 x 500 mm.

Where can I see the VennTek machines working?

We are located in Monschau (near Aachen) Germany.
We have a Demo / Show Room. Here you can test and get training for the machines. Furthermore, we have Distributors all over Europe. please call us to get more details.

Does the VennTek Machines have warranty?

All standard machines come with 1-year warranty on parts. Customized machine are dependent on the design of the machine and the final negotiations between customer and manufacturer.

Do you have any Installation Service?

Yes. We have personnel who are professional installation people, for the type of equipment that we produce and sell. We can even help you with the integration of your new equipment to your old equipment.

Where does the name VennTek Equipment come from?

The name „VENN“ is based on the HIGH FENS ( Hohes Venn) Eifel  Nature Park. The High Fens is a cross-border nature park with elements in Germany as well as in Belgien.

How do I get a quote?

Simply give us a call. We will go over every aspect of what you are needing. We will then provide you with a quotation.

What else do you make?

The Portfolio of VennTek is not limited. Currently, we are able to support you with following solutions:

  • Screen Printing
  • PCB Handling
  • Soldering Equipment (Reflow, Wave, Selective)
  • Robot Cells for THT( Axial & Radial Insertion)
  • automated guided vehicles

If you need anything that you cannot find please give us a call.

Can the machines be customized?

Absolutely, we are engineers! We specialize in designing and retrofitting. Customization will cost more depending on the complexity of the design.

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