Gut-Schlecht AOI/SPI Puffer System

The NG OK vertical buffer is designed to buffer NG and OK board after inspection machine (AOI / SPI) and pass a OK board to next process.NG board will go to the upper conveyor for visual check
Artikelnummer: VT-NGOK-VB
Leiterplatten Breite

Standard features

  • PLC Program control
  • Selectable FIFO, LIFO and by-pass mod
  • Selectable pitch settings Conveyor width adjustment using hand wheel
  • Threshold signal to protect PCB's in upstream oven
  • NG/OK table provides easy access to the NG PCBs
  • Towerlight display for machine status. Good or bad board separation
  • SMEMA compatible


  • SMEMA cable(additional)
  • Additional PCB boards capacity
  • Touchscreen instead of button panel
  • Electrical conveyor width adjustment
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment
  • Cantilevered output conveyor. (length 500 mm)
  • Cooling system / dust cover for output conveyor
  • Other options available on request.

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