Multi Funktions Belade Puffer System
Art.Nr.: VT-MFBS
Der Einzelmagazinpuffer kann als Belader oder Entlader, als LIFO/FIFO-Puffer oder als Reject-Puffer verwendet werden.
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Standard features

  • 5 operation modes available: Buffer mode (LIFO/FIFO), Unload mode, Load mode, Reject mode, and By-pass mode
  • PLC Program control
  • Selectable pitch settings
  • Dual function pusher conveyor
  • Towerlight display for machine status
  • Additional mgazines buffing capacity available upon request
  • Exchange magazine from the rear of the machine
  • Automatic magazine alignment by upper- and lower pneumatic lamping
  • Regulated pressure on attached pneumatic pusher
  • Pusher position adjustable to centre of the magazine
  • SMEMA compatible.


  • Magazine rack Additional magazine capacity
  • Touchscreen instead of button panel
  • Servo drive upgrade for shortened cycle time
  • Other options available on request