Multi Magazin Entlader

The unit provides automatic magazine change-over for continuous line unloading. PCB's are collected from an upstream pusher conveyor and pushed into the magazine. Full magazines are offl oaded at an ergonomic low level.
Artikelnummer: VT-MME

Standard features

  • PLC Program control
  • Selectable pitch settings
  • Towerlight display for machine status
  • Automatic magazine change-over
  • Flexible platform to suit standard magazines
  • Conveyor width adjustment using hand crank
  • Regulated pressure on attached pneumatic pusher
  • Pusher position adjustable to centre of the magazine
  • User friendly “soft touch” LED membrane control panel
  • SMEMA compatible.


  • Cooling fans / dust cover on pusher conveyor
  • Additional magazine capacity
  • Touchscreen instead of button panel
  • Enclosed construction improve level of safety
  • Width adjustable magazine conveyor(s)
  • Other options available on request

Artikelnummer VT-MME
Kategorie Multi Magazin Entlader
Maximale LP Länge: 445mm 530mm 330mm
Maximale LP Breite: 330mm 460mm 250mm 390mm 460 mm
LP Dicke: 0,6mm-4,5mm
Magazin Größe: 355x320x563( M-Size ) 460x400x563( L-Size ) 535x460x573( XL-Size ) 535x530x570( XXL-Size )
Luftverbrauch: 10 ltr/min
Druckluftanschluss: 4-6 bar
Maschinen Maße (L x T x H): 1930 x 760 x 1750 2220 x 845 x 1750 2660 x 909 x 1750 2660 x 979 x 1750

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