Bi Level Transportsystem 3-7°

This unit is used between SMT production line and thru-hole production line with different conveying height for PCBs or pallets.
Artikelnummer: VT-TBBLT-400

Standard features

  • PLC Program control
  • User friendly ?touch screen? control panel
  • Anti-static conveyor belt. Easy way of belt replacement
  • Cylinder stopper at entrance and exit
  • Lifting up/down distance can be set in touch screen
  • Step motor for conveyor, speed set in touch screen
  • Angle can be set in touchscreen. Angle range 3-7degree
  • Heavy bottom design to prevent shifting
  • PCB precise stopping in position
  • Smooth and parallel width adjustment.(lead screw)
  • SMEMA compatible


  • Non standard conveyor / segment lengths
  • Cooling system(0.5m long 4 fans / 1m long 8 fans or specify)
  • Servo drive upgrade for shortened cycle time
  • Customized lifting distance and tilt angle
  • SMEMA cable.(1.5m or specify)
  • Other options available on request