About us

Our team forms the fabric of allSMT. We have close, passionate group of individuals,

with a strong passion for their chosenfieldand for delivering exceptional results for our customers and partners.

Everyone brings their unique skill set and like for what they do. Most of them for more than half a decade.

The Company

allSMT GmbH & Co.KG based in Monschau (Germany).Key Players like Aixtron, Ericsson, Philips based their European researchers and engineering to the Aachen region. Dsseldorf, Cologne, Brssel, Amsterdam even Paris are within a short distance so we can reach rd. 165mio. people in 5 Countries (Belgium, Netherlands, France, Luxemburg, and Germany).

The past and the future

Established in 2003, the professional allSMTservices became more and more popular Europe, Asia, andAmerica. During the following years, expansion became necessary. Today our new headquarter not just provides more floor space, it also enables us to present outstanding equipment and parts in ourDemo Cente. Nowadays we can provide the bestservice ever to our customers.


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