Industrial Adhesive Tapes

Industrial Tapes and Splicing Solutions

With our industrial adhesive tapes we offer a unique product range for electronics production.
Always tailored to the individual needs of our worldwide customers. Each product was tested many years.
Proven from small series customers to global players in SMT manufacturing.††

We offer the optimal solution even for your most demanding tasks. Be it in the area of process-safe covering and thermal protection of your PCBs or perfect detection of your splice points in your placement machines.† Our wide range of polyimide masking tapes and adhesive dots as well as our SMD tape connectors and tools will provide you with a suitable answer. Our splice portofolio is also used from Re-Reeling Service. So you can be sure that a SMD, Radial or Axial Reel was Spliced with material from allSMT.
†And if a customized adaptation is necessary then we also meet this challenge.

Take a look at the below product pages to see all the details and possibilities that allSMT can offer you. A high degree of process safety guaranteed as we have many years of experience. Furthermore we are offer personal consultations and training's.† Interested?† Then please contact us.
We are happy to help you.

Interested?† Then please contact us.†We are happy to help you.

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Interesting Products for your Electronic Manufacturing process

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Interesting Products for your Electronic Manufacturing process