SMD Tape Reel Sealer Strips with 2 non adhesive handles ESD type
Art.Nr.: S0201-SGS


*Developed from allSMT*

NEW : Now available in 2 different lengths.


Developed with our customers for our customers.
SMD Tape Strips with 2 non adehsive area handles from allSMT.
*Of course ESD type foil.*

60 mm and 80 mm length Version with 3000 adhesive strips. 

  • Easy closing of SMD component rolls as well as easy reopening.
  • Can be used for all roll sizes 8mm, 12mm, 16mm and so on...
  • Ideal for automatic storage systems and customers with a lot of product changes.
  • Long-term Tested.

The film may also be used as a single splice tape to splice to the next roll once you reopen the reel from storage.

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Item number S0201-SGS
Category SMT Tape Reel Sealer
Applicable up to belt width: all
Form: Reel
ESD type: Yes
Color: yellow-black-yellow
Length: 80 mm (10 - 60 - 10) 60 mm (10 - 40 - 10)
Spliceform: 2 non adhesive handle areas
suitable for: Universally
Contents: 3.000,00 pcs

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