SMT Cover Tape Extenders

– SMT Cover Tape Extender –

The Situation

1.  too short SMD straps, so that you can not feeder them
2. customer does not deliver components suitable for the Feeders of a SMT machine
3. not enough components in the blister tape
4. feeder is inconvenient to operate
5. separation of the SMD tape into several reels
6. and much more....

The Solution


We have been selling this top seller for more than 10 years now in ESD-compatible form. We from the company allSMT were by the way the first to offer splice products or belt connectors in ESD-compatible form! Afterwards all other "market competitors" followed worldwide.

Our SMT COVER TAPE EXTENDERS extend the cover tape of the component reell in such a way that you can setup it more easily and above all precisely.  

Extend the belt " in a fast and easy way. Instead of the component belt, run the extension through the feeder until the desired component pocket for the pick-up position is reached. 

Depending on the feeder OEM, we also have different lengths of "belt threaders" available. Please ask our service department.

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