SMT Splice Products

Innovative Spleiss Klebebänder um SMD Gurte zu verbinden

SMT Splice Products

SMD Splice Tapes, Cover Tape Extenders and Tools for your Electronicmanufacturing

Experience and innovations all around the topic "SMD tapes the right way to splice"

The company allSMT GmbH & Co. KG, based in the Aachen region, has been selling splice products and consumables licensed by Siemens (ASM), among others, for more than 10 years. Long-standing customers from all over Europe purchase the products from allSMT.  Also Tape & Reel ( Re Reeling) Service Providers. This underlines the excellent quality of the splice tapes, SMD shims, connectors and splicing tools.


Tape splicing allows you to "refill" taped components by splicing a new tape without machine downtime.When splicing taped components, you connect the end of the paper or blister tape, which is inserted in the feed module, with the beginning of the new tape.

The different colours of our splice products:

Splice Tapes and SMD Tape Extensions are available in different colours. The most commonly used are: yellow, blue, green, black, pink-pink and the splice tapes that contain metal.

From 2005/2006 the blue splice was introduced in Europe by the company allSMT. These tapes have a special adhesive strength and can therefore be used flexibly in the belt conveyors (feeders) of various manufacturers such as Siplace, Fuji, Juki, Yamaha, Assembleon, Samsung etc. In the meantime, however, this has changed and the adhesive strength is equally "strong" in all our splice products, so that problems in belt conveyors (feeders) occur very rarely and are usually due to incorrect use.

A further requirement for splice tapes has come from the splice detection technology. For manufacturers like Panasonic or Fuji special colour have been introduced. These splice tapes were then produced in black or in a metal optic, so that the cameras or sensors can detect the tapes in and on the feeder.

The different shapes of our splice products:

Over the years, different shapes have been developed. The Clip & Splice series is particularly noteworthy. This series combines the Single Splice Tape with the Splice Clip on a carrier film. The result here; less shrinkage, even easier handling than before and a stable connection even of plastic straps.

The shapes of the splice products also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Special tapes are available for Panasonic NPM, CM series, Fuji NXT, Samsung, Juki SMT pick and place machines, among others.

The ESD compliance and design of our splice products:

A recurring theme is the "ESD-Topic" of our products. Basically, the green, black and metal-looking films are ESD-compliant.

The standard SMD Splice Tapes are manufactured with a thickness of 25µm PET film with a total thickness of 53µm. Thinner films are also available on request.
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The advantage of splicing:

Reduction of machine downtime. Reduction of component shrinkage.

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