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We offer you a wide range of products from our own production, from small compact offline systems to modular expandable dual-lane systems, for your thermal applications.  We can offer you solutions for Reflow Soldering, Wave soldering, Selective soldering, Soldering robots with Iron-tips soldering technology as well as curing and drying technologies. 

allSMT covers the entire soldering process chain with its own brand "VennTek".

Our development department is also happy to respond to customer requests. Please contact us!

  1. Selective soldering

    Selective soldering in electronics production means the soldering of wired components onto a printed circuit board. There are different processes like mini waves, piston soldering, laser soldering or induction soldering.The advantage of selective soldering is the partial (selective) thermal influence of the component to the PCB. As a result, smaller distances to other components or even complicated soldering parameters can be reproduced with process reliability.

  2. Reflow Soldering 

    The most common soldering process in electronics manufacturing is Reflow soldering. A printed circuit board already equipped with solder paste and SMD components is supplied with thermal energy under a defined time profile. The assembly heats up until the melting point of the solder paste is reached and thus forms on the pad.
    Our Reflow systems use convection-reflow-soldering principle. 

  3. Wave Soldering

    Wave soldering is ideally suited for soldering wired (THT,AI) components as well as thermally demanding printed circuit boards. The special feature of wave soldering is the transport of the assembled PCB underside via a solder wave. The soldering points are wetted with solder and thus form.
    However, the soldering process is preceded by the application of flux and preheating of the assembly.

  4. For drying and curing we can also offer you solutions from our company.

    The curing and drying of protective coatings and encapsulants is a common process in the backend area of electronics manufacturing. IR drying systems are similar to Reflow systems, but these systems do not require different components, which allows a more compact design.

    In our Demo Center in Monschau / Germany our basic systems are available to you at any time.

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Interesting Products for your Electronic Manufacturing process