Offline Selective Solderingsystem Ant -i1
Art.Nr.: all20192096

Venntek-Soldering Offline selective soldering system
ANT-i1  -Configurator-

Small in price, big in performance
  • automated stand-alone selective soldering system
  • Compact offline batch system with very small footprint only
  •  990 mm x 1308 mm x 1714 mm
  • modern software including traceability, maintenance programs and more.
  • Lead-free titanium solder pot and pump
  • Wave height monitoring
  • Drop Jet Fluxer
  • IR preheating
  • Camera / monitor system for real-time testing of the soldering process
  • best value for money in the market

Top Preheater
Fiducial checking camera
Offline programming software
Nitrogen Generator
  • easyGen-PSA 4 Stickstofferzeuger N² Generator > 99.99% mit 4 m³ / h
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SASinno Ant-i1 Selektive Soldering System 

The SASinno selective soldering system is designed for lean manufacturing combined with flexibility and throughput at minimal cost. The Ant-i1 is an automated single station soldering system with a manual loading and unloading system that can accommodate boards up to 350 x 260 mm (optional 600mm x 350 mm). The machine requires only 1.3 m² of floor space. The soldering system is equipped with a preheated nitrogen atmosphere which ensures better soldering results and helps to reduce oxidation. The Ant-i1 is serially equipped with a drop-jet fluxer for clean soldering results and very low flux consumption. The machine can also be supplied with a pyrometer-controlled, large top heater. All process parameters can be stored in the machine and are always available.

Item number all20192096
Category Selective Soldering Systems
OEM: VennTek
Condition: New
Exhaust: 200m³/H
QTY Flux: 1
QTY Solder Pot: 1
Type of machine: Offline
Type of Flux: Drop Jet Fluxer
Heat-up time: 40min
Air Supply: 3-5 Bar
Required N2 Purity: >99,99%
Weight: 400KG
Warranty by Manufacturer: 1 Jahr
Flux capacity: 1000ml
Solder capacity each Solderpot: 10 Kg
PCB Measurements: 50x50mm - 350x260mm
Machine dimensions: B 990mm x T 1308mm x H 1714mm
Software: English
Power Supply: AC 380V 50/60Hz 3PH
N2 Consumption each soldernozzle: 1,5m³/H
Power Consumption: max 6,5KW
Solder pot material: titan
Transport System: Special Carrier
Preheater: IR Bottom
Contents: 1,00 pcs

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