Inline Selective Soldering System Flex-i2
Art.Nr.: Flex-i2_C
Highlights of the selective soldering system Flex-i2

- compact inline system with very small footprint
- 2 x titanium solder pot
- modern software with traceability, maintenance programs etc.
- electro-mechanical soldering wave pump (optional electromagnetic pump)
- Drop Jet Fluxer (optional dual fluxer)
- Dual IR preheater
- Fiducial detection
- Camera / monitor system for real-time testing of the soldering process
- Wave height calibration
- Best price-performance ratio in the market

Customizations possible any time.

any time.
Fiducial checking camera
Offline programming software
Flux flow quantity monitoring
Upgrade to electro-magnetic pump
Auto solder wire adding system
N2 purity monitoring
N2 flow monitoring
MicroSpray nozzle
Upgrade to wider wave solder pot

Upgrade one pot to wider wave solder pot with 30kg solder capacity(1set), max nozzle width 100mm, run like a wave solder (when choose this option, machine will be with one standard mechanical selective soldering pot, one mechanical 75mm widthwave nozzle pot, customer can use wide nozzle for board without bottom component for high production, can use selective pot for selective application.

2nd flux nozzle drop jet type
2nd flux nozzle with MicroSpray type
Extra Lötrahmen
Delete 2nd Z axis and solderpot

Increasing the maximum PCB dimensions to 508mm x 406mm

Your configuration
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Item number Flex-i2_C
Category Compact Selective Soldering Systems
Exhaust: 800m³/H
QTY Flux: 2
QTY Solder Pot: 2
Type of machine: Inline
Type of Flux: Drop Jet Fluxer
Heat-up time: 40min
Air Supply: 3-5 Bar
Live Soldering process monitoring: inclusive
Required N2 Purity: >99,99%
Weight: 900KG
Warranty by Manufacturer: 1 Jahr
Flux capacity: 1000ml
Solder capacity each Solderpot: 15 Kg
PCB Measurements: 50 x 50mm - 450 x 508mm
Machine dimensions: B 1420mm x T 1725mm x H 1700mm
Software: English
Power supply: 3PH 380V 50Hz
N2 Consumption each soldernozzle: 4m³/H
Solder pot material: titan
Transport System: Stainless Steel Rollers( no carrier needed)
Preheater: IR Bottom IR Top
Wave height calibration function: inclusive