Compact inline selective soldering machine Unit-i4
Art.Nr.: Unit-i4

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Inline Selective Soldering System Unit-i4
the latest generation of selective soldering technology

Highlights of the Selective Soldering System Unit-i4

  • Compact inline system with very low space requirements
  • 4 x lead-free titanium solder pots
  • Modern software including traceability, maintenance programs, etc.
  • Electro-mechanical solder wave pump
  • 2 x Drop Jet Fluxers
  • Double-sided IR preheating
  • Fiducial recognition
  • Camera/Monitor system for real-time inspection of the soldering process
  • Wave height calibration
  • Best price-performance ratio in the market
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Unit-i4 Selective Soldering System - Next-Generation Soldering Excellence

Introducing the Unit-i4, the latest in selective soldering systems, engineered for unparalleled efficiency and flexibility in electronic manufacturing. Boasting the highest throughput and return on investment (ROI), this compact unit seamlessly adapts to any production line.

With advanced features such as dual independent solder tanks and dynamic XYZ table movement, the Unit-i4 enables simultaneous processing of up to four circuit boards, significantly boosting production capacity. The integrated wave height calibration and the English version of the Windows 10 operating system ensure easy and reliable operation.

Key Benefits of the Unit-i4

Maximum Throughput:

Maximize your production with the capability to solder four boards in parallel, enhancing your efficiency.


Choose between lead-free or leaded soldering with two individual solder tanks.

Precision XYZ Movement:

Precise control of XYZ movement allows for accurate soldering to meet the highest quality standards.

Intuitive Operation:

Benefit from the ease of use provided by the English version of the Windows 10 operating system.

For more information about the Unit-i4 Selective Soldering System, please contact us at any time. We look forward to assisting you and fulfilling your production requirements.

Item number Unit-i4
Category Compact Selective Soldering Systems
Exhaust: 800m³/H
QTY Flux: 2
Type of machine: Inline
Temperature Rising Time: 30 min
Air Supply: 3-5 Bar
Live Soldering process monitoring: inclusive
Required N2 Purity: >99,99%
Flux Tank Capacity: 1 l
Spraying mode: Spray Type
PCB clearance Bot: 30mm
Weight: 700 kg
Warranty by Manufacturer: 1 Jahr
Solder capacity each Solderpot: 30 kg
PCB Measurements: 50 x 50 - 508 x 508 mm
Max Temperature: 350°C
Software: English
Power supply: 3PH 380V 50Hz
Sprühfluxer: Drop Jet Fluxer
N2 Consumption each soldernozzle: 6 - 8 m³/h
Solder pot material: titan
Preheater: IR Bottom
Wave height calibration function: inclusive