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International Standards, Implemented Locally.
allSMT implements international automation standards,
adapted to your local conditions and processes

Don’t reinvent, but optimize!
"Utilize proven equipment configurations and processes from existing resources – we help you increase efficiency without reinventing the wheel!"

Now is the Right Time!
"The future won’t wait – the optimal time to automate your production is now! Let us show you how to take the first step."

Optimal Use of Existing Resources!
"Our strategies for reusing existing machines and facilities save costs and increase the efficiency of your production."

Risk Minimization through Proven Solutions!
"Minimize the risk of new investments by using technologies that are thoroughly tested. We help you automate safely and efficiently."

Efficiency through Experience!
"Rely on our experience in implementing proven equipment configurations that maximize your production capacity without straining your budget."

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SMT Screen Printer

Pick and Place Machines

Component Placement 

PCB Board Handling

PCB Board Handling

Soldering Machines

Soldering Machines

Must-have Assets

Must-Have Assets

SMT Splice Tapes and Tools

SMT Splice & Tools

Conformal Coating & Dispensing

Conformal Coating & Dispensing

Coating & Curing Ovens

Curing Ofens

SMT Feederstorage

SMT Feederstorage



Motorized SMD & THT Counter

SMT AI Component Counters

SMT Feeder

SMT Feeder

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Why electronics manufacturers worldwide choose Germany based allSMT

For more than two decades, we have been pioneers in the electronics industry, offering proven technologies that can be precisely adapted to your specific production processes. From purchasing used machines to providing intelligent SMT line concepts of the latest generation – our portfolio covers everything for you. Additionally, we are proud to hold international trademarks and design protection registrations for innovative SMT Splice Tapes and Tools.

As a global provider of Total-Line-Solutions for the electronics industry, allSMT offers solutions from prototype construction to fully automated electronics manufacturing. Our experienced team works closely with your production processes to ensure smooth integration of new machines.

By automating internal processes and using state-of-the-art technologies, we minimize delivery times and maximize the efficiency of our production. Through synergies, we can reduce times and costs. Our optimized supply chain becomes your competitive advantage.

According to our customers, our delivered machines achieve an exceptionally long service life with simultaneously low maintenance. Therefore, our fair prices promise an excellent price-performance ratio especially in the long term.

Technology Trendsetter -
allSMT, the Source of True Innovation.

Where We Go, the Market Follows!  As Pioneers in the industry, we set trends and develop technologies that are often imitated, but never matched. Our originality and commitment to excellence ensure us a leading position in the market.

State-of-the-Art SMT Automation Solutions by allSMT

Reduce machine downtimes sustainably now

Reliably Connect SMD-Component Tapes

Precision splicing of 8, 12, 16, and 24 mm SMD tapes

- Unique SMD tape splicing system,
- Engineering Made by SASinno-VennTek
- Automatic tape width adjustment for 8, 12, 16, 24 mm
- Empty tape detection via camera system
- Supports SMD paper and plastic tapes (Blister)
- Rewinding function
- Electric roller aid for ergonomic transport
- PC with touchscreen
- Fast learning curve for employees

More information about Auto-Splicing solutions 



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