SMT Stapler Splice Tool Advantage 4.0
Art.Nr.: S1920Z04A

The optimal SMD Splicer Tool - allSMT's Multisplicetool Advantage 4.0

  • original crimping tool developed by allSMT in Germany
  • modified and optimised  Splice Tool
  • Magazine SMD belt splicer for 20 splices
  • Simple loading of splice plates, similar to a "stapler tool"
  • Tear-proof splicing of cardboard and plastic belts according to DIN
  • No overhanging, sharp-edged metal shavings as with the M.O.A or ASM Stapler Tool.
  • adjustable pressure
  • handling manually or on a movable trolley possible with our Base-Fixture.
  • collection box for metal scraps
  • functions only with allSMT Splice Clip Advantage type S1903F00FTA
  • splicing cart compatible with optional Table Mount Tool. see here->


Original Splice Tools from allSMT are provided with a serial number after in-house modifications and optimisations.
Avantage 4.0 pliers and Splice-Tools from allSMT are registered for service and support purposes.

Support, service and spare parts are therefore only available for Tools that have been shipped from our Company.

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Product advantages Magazine Splice Tool Advantage 4.0

  • Handy and ergonomic tool for splicing
  • Maximum work safety due to minimal punching residues
  • Stationary operation on splice trolleys, trolleys or mobile one-hand operation
  • adjustable punch pressure
  • Improved punching resulting in less abrasion in belt conveyors
  • Original Advantage magazine pliers was developed by allSMT in Germany

The splicing process with our magazine SMT Splice Tool:


EInserting the new belt and clamping.



Insert the second belt and clamp.
Both belts are positioned and splice operation can be performed.



Result: perfect connection with rounded splice plates.

Item number S1920Z04A
Category Splice Tools and Carts
Movable handle: Top
Weight: 546 Gramm
Handle spread: 135mm
Bracket for splice trolley: Option
Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic
Measurement LxWxH: 205mm x 69mm x135mm
Adjustable punch pressure: yes
Usable Spliceclips: Magazinclip ( S1903F00FTA ) =20 Singleclips
Ratchet with unlocking: no
Contents: 1,00 pcs

Splice Tool Advantage Produktvorteile

Wir entwickeln seit 2015 das Magazin Splice Tool

Splice Tool Advantage Produktvorteile

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