SMT Splice Clip Advantage
Art.Nr.: S1903F00FTA

Splice Clip Advantage Frameless Type for allSMT Multi - Splice- Tool

  • simplified handling of the splice frame for machine operators
  • Safe separation without sharp-edged remnants as with the M.O.A. Tool.
  • 20 splicing operations until allSMT multi-belt splicing pliers are recharged.
  • Unites the splice plates during splicing, automatic further transport similar to a "stapler - tool".
  • work with allSMT Stapler Tool (not MOA-ASM) see here->
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Item number S1903F00FTA
Category SMT Splice Clip
Form: 1 Stripe with 20 Clips
Spliceform: Frameless
suitable for: Universally
Contents: 4.000,00 pcs

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