SMT Splice Tool
Art.Nr.: S1920Z00

The Original* allSMT Splice Tool

Process-safe - Low-fatigue - Force-optimising - Durable
  • The standard SMT splice tool for professional connections
  • Mechanical function guarantees safe and easy process work
  • DIN compliant tensile strength only with allSMT Splice Clip
  • Ratchet mechanism with preset force
  • High pressing force with low hand forces due to precision mechanics
  • Hold-down device for fixing the SMD component belts
  • Holder for stationary operation
  • High-quality workmanship
  • SMD belt splicer for SMD splice brass shims - Splice Clips -  (S1903F00)
  • Sales of allSMT for over 10 years

*Only pliers from allSMT have a consistent quality of workmanship.
Caution! Various replicas of these pliers are circulating on the Internet.
Convince yourself and ask for our free sample case!

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Item number S1920Z00
Category Splice Tools and Carts
Movable handle: Bottom
Weight: 446 Gramm
Handle spread: 115mm
Bracket for splice trolley: Option
Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic
Measurement LxWxH: 200mm x 70mm x115mm
Adjustable punch pressure: no
Usable Spliceclips: Single Clip ( S1903F00 )
Ratchet with unlocking: yes
Contents: 1,00 pcs

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