Nitrogen Generator easyGen-PSA 4
Art.Nr.: easyGen-PSA 4
easyGen-PSA 4 Nitrogen Generator N² Generator > 99.99% mit 4 m³ / h
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  • Modular design
  • The multi-chamber system efficiently prevents the movement of the carbon molecular sieve (CMS), wear and tear is kept to a minimum, extending the life of the CMS.
  • The N2 purity can reach up to 99.99%.  
  • Each adsorption tower is equipped with advanced control system. In addition, our special design controls the airflow to increase the efficiency of the generator system.  
  • Ultra-frequency vibration filling technology enables tighter and denser packing of the carbon molecular sieve to minimise movement. 
  • our modular and independent system guarantees savings and, above all, flexibility in nitrogen supply. 

Item number easyGen-PSA 4
Category Nitrogen Generators
Condition: New
required Receiver Tank: 100 l
Weight: 160 kg
Machine Size (L x W x H): 800 mm x 460 mm x 1400 mm
Flow Rate ( at 99,99%): 4 Nm³/hr
Input Air flowrate: 24 Nm³/hr
Contents: 1,00 pcs

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