Conformal coating curing oven IR2033P
Art.Nr.: VT-TO-IR2033P

Creativity and Innovation:

The Inline Curing Machine (IR Panel Series) is ideal for high-volume curing production.
They are easy to integrate with different Conformal Coating machines and complete SMT Line Concepts.
Available in different lengths, they provide the flexibility to match your production requirements.
Also with robust construction and a streamlined appearance.

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Speed / throughput improvements:

The IR panel can achieve a more uniform temperature than IR tube. Meanwhile, when setting temperature is the same, the PCB under the IR Panel achieves a higher temperature than with IR tube. This makes the IR panel more efficient.

Cost effectiveness:

The low-cost system offers a 30-50% reduction in electrical power compared to traditional IR tubes.

Quality contribution:

The curing chamber achieves a thermally uniform atmosphere with Japanese designed Far IR Panel. The IR Panel surface treated with nano material , it’s specially designed for the coating process, high IR to heat exchange ratio, 100mm distance to IR panel surface can meet 50--250c degree.  For traditional IR tube, it can meet 50--150c degree only.

Environmental friendliness:

The IR panel can save 25% power compared to IR tubes during  production.

Ease of use:

The IR Series inner tunnel of the oven is made of stainless steel, making it easy to  clean. Additionally, the system features a Touchscreen & PLC controlling system that can save all  temperature and speed parameters.

Expected maintainability/repairability:

The IR panel surface features a special water-proof treatment for coating. Materials that need higher humidity to cure. Additionally, the IR panel has a long life time.

Item number VT-TO-IR2033P
Category Coating & Curing Systems
Total Power: 10KW
Temperature Rising Time: 15min to 250°C
Width Adjustment: Manual
PCB Clearance Top: 60mm
PCB clearance Bot: 60mm
Heating Method: IR Panel
Heating Zones: 3Top/3Bot
Max PCB Width: 450mm
Max PCB Lenght: 450 mm
Power Supply: AC 380V 50/60Hz 3PH
Power Consumption: 2-4KW
Belt Speed: 0,1-3,5m/min
Transfer Direction: Left to Right
Conveyor System: Chain Conveyor

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