PCB Separator with 1,2 m stainless steel support table
Art.Nr.: VT-NTG-A-710
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Item number VT-NTG-A-710
Category PCB Cutter
Power Supply: AC 230V 50/60Hz 1PH
Machine Size (L x W x H): L325 x W380 x H333mm
Platform size: L1200 x W360 x H190mm
Suitable PCB lenght: 250mm - 600mm
Suitable material: Alu, FR4
Cutting Speed: Adjustable
PCB Thickness: 0,6mm-3,5mm
Min component distance to v-groove: 1,4mm
Max Component Height Top: 15mm
Max Component Height Bottom: 0mm/no components
Max separating width: 100mm
Power Consumption: 60W
Max PCB Width: 350 mm