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The SMD high accuracy manipulator PRECITEC®.Elite is a new manual system for the placement of SMT-components. It is a perfect ergonomic station including a lot of functions with an attractive price. A dispensing head support is included as standard.
The unique feature of the PRECITEC®.Elite station is the small movement in the Z-axe whereas the X- and Y axe movement are realised by moving the portal construction on smooth gliders.
In option it is possible to put a colour camera with lighting built-in.
This system improves its strength and accuracy.
The solid reliable construction provides a better grip for the operator with a larger working area of 350 x 400 mm.

• Perfect ergonomics station
• Compact base but very efficient working area of 350 x 400 mm
• Can be used by either right or left handed operator without change in configuration
• A double arm support assures a comfortable position for the operator
• Sensitive head with 360° rotation of pipette
• Efficient lighting built-in by Leds in the arm
• Vacuum pump integrated in the assembly unit
• Magnetic board supports for the PCB
• Storage containers for SMD’s with spring closing lid : 12 boxes are included as standard
• On the top, different support for syringe (solder past, flux...), needles, tweezer.

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The Pick and  Place station PRECITEC® ELITE is delivered ready to use with :

• Set of different needles
• Set of needles with different 0 of rubber discs  for a better grip of big components
• 2 Magnetic support for PCB's
• 12 small  storage containers for SMD s with spring closing lid.
• Syringe support for dispensing


Technical Characteristics - PRECITEC®.Elite
Working area: 350 x 400 mm
Accuracy  of placement: 0402  to QFP, accuracy of placement 0,65  mm included as standard
Syringe support for dispensing: Included as standard
CPH: 900 components/1hour
Working temperature: 15 to 40° C
Sound level: < 70 dB(A)
Ext. Dimensions L x w x H: 600 x 500 x 300 mm
Net weight: 17 kg
Electrical supply: 230 V- 50/60  Hz

• Colour camera with USB connection (ref V800029)
• Feeder for rest piece of tapes to be mounted on sliding  bar  (3 x 8 - 1 x 12 - 1 x 16 mm)  (ref V700375)
• Display  book Windows® (ref V800055)
• Switch foot pedal for Precitec Elite (Ref V500199)
• Tablet stand for PRECITEC.ELITE - For CIF display book (Ref V700024)

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