Technodrill XL 3 Achsen CNC Prototypen Maschine
Art.Nr.: U900220


Universal 3 axis prototype machine
Probably the most versatile prototype CNC system on the market.
Drilling, milling, cutting, dosing and much more.

- Working area 390 x†580 x 60 mm
- Height under the Z-axis of 90 mm
- Spindle rotation controlled by Software
- Immediate learning
- Compatible with all types of files HPGL, ISO, EXCELLON, GERBER, GCODE, DXF,
- Industrie Lizenz† GALAAD 3 control software (with free updates)
- Integrated electronic control unit
- Standard movable probe in the Z-axis
- Safety: mechanical clamping and clamping by Software
- Protective cover and low-voltage lighting as Standard
- Many options available

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