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ASM-Siplace SMT Solutions

ASMPT offers placement platforms for every type of production. From flexible small series production to mass production, SIPLACE solutions deliver outstanding performance, precision, and versatility. With intelligent software, innovative placement heads, and versatile component feeding systems (SMT feeders), cross-platform efficiency and adaptability are ensured.

allSMT offers a wide selection of used, partially like-new SIPLACE machines from ASMPT, known for their leading technologies in surface mount technology (SMD).


ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co KG is part of ASMPT ASM Pacific Technology Inc. and a leading manufacturer of SIPLACE SMT placement machines and DEK printing technologies.
ASMPT stands for ASM Pacific Technology. Since 2022, all ASMPT subsidiaries have been operating under the unified ASMPT brand. 

Our SMT Services

We specialize in the global purchase, sale, service, and brokering of used SMT machines and feeders, particularly the ASM SIPLACE series.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Refurbishment: Refurbishment of your SIPLACE systems
  • Placement head repairs: Professional repair services for maximum machine availability, including DP drives and camera systems.
  • Spare parts service: Fast delivery of like-new spare parts
  • Exclusive accessories: SMT feeder storage suitable for the SIPLACE world SX, TX, X, S, CA, e by SIPLACE, nozzle cleaning devices, and more.
  • Consulting and integration: Expert consulting and integration of SMT machines into existing SMT production lines or Total Line Solutions.

Exclusive Developments

For many years, we have been developing SMT-Splice-Tapes specifically for ASM SIPLACE SMT feeders, for splicing SMD component tapes.


Contact us for more information. We are happy to assist you with your production needs.
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