Double Side Laser Marking Station Jutze Spark CD
Art.Nr.: Spark-CD

JUTZE Laser Marker System

  • efficient double-sided laser marking station
  • Top and bottom work simultaneously, even independently
  • built-in Z-axis control system that improves quality and shortens the time to change a process
  • special Jutze Vision security system
  • simple Jutze user interface, fast programming
  • Barcode self-checking, protection against double and false labeling
  • small installation dimension: 1000 x 1300 x 1800 mm
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1. One double-sided laser marker station is more efficient than two single side stations working together:
    less space,low cost and fast laser marking.No need to flip and much more safe;

2. Z axis control system built-in, which improve the quality and reduce the time whenchanging the process;

3. Locate and Fool-proofing assisted with Jutze Vision System;

4. Top and bottom side work simultaneously, also independent;

5. Unique Jutze user interface: fast programming, simple operation;

6. Barcode Self-verifying: Double-marking protection and anti-wrong marking.

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