High End Reject Conveyor
Art.Nr.: VT-TBRW
The unit installed after AOI for separated NG board for visual inspect and good board will pass through without stopping.
PCB Width
Conveyor Lenght
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Standard features

  • PLC Program control
  • Start / Stop push button
  • Anti-static conveyor belt
  • Centre PCB stop position
  • Easy way of belt replacement
  • Reject and by-pass mode selectable
  • Heavy bottom design to prevent shifting
  • PCB precise stopping in position
  • Smooth and parallel width adjustment.(lead screw)
  • SMEMA compatible


  • Non standard conveyor / segment lengths
  • Alarm buzzer
  • SMEMA cable(1.5m or specify)
  • Light fixture
  • Additional lift positions for extra buffer capacity
  • Other options available on request

Item number VT-TBRW
Category High Version Reject Conveyor
PCB Thickness: 0,6mm-4,5mm
Max PCB Width: 330 mm 460 mm
Max PCB Lenght: 445mm 530mm

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