High-End Transportband
Art.Nr.: VT-TB

Our PCB Conveyer is an absolute must for the efficient handling of PCBs in your SMT production line. With this modern solution you can optimise the entire production process and ensure a smooth flow.

-Reliable handling
-Seamless integration
-User-friendly interface
-Robust design and high quality

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LP Width
Conveyor Lenght
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The High Version PCB Conveyor is designed to reduce transport times and avoid bottlenecks. The module is equipped with precise control technology that ensures reliable transport of the PCBs.

Seamless integration:
The module can be easily integrated into existing production lines and supports a wide range of PCB sizes. It offers adjustable speed and precise positioning for smooth integration into the production process.

User-friendly interface:
With easy programming and customisation to meet specific requirements, the PCB Conveyer is extremely user-friendly. The interface allows intuitive operation and quick adjustments.

Robust design and high quality:
Our PCB Conveyors feature robust design and its high quality workmanship, which ensures reliable performance and a long service life.

Invest in this innovative transport module to increase the efficiency of your PCB production and boost your productivity.

Standard features
-PLC programme control.
-ESD conveyor belt.
-Central PCB stop position.
-Simple belt change.
-Inspection and pass mode selectable.
-Precise stopping of the PCB
-Smooth and parallel width adjustment (lead screw).
-SMEMA compatible.

-Non-standard conveyor/segment lengths.
-Cover (custom length)
-Electric width adjustment
-Cooling (0.5 m long 4 fans / 1 m long 8 fans or specify).
-SMEMA cable
-Other options are available on request.

Item number VT-TB
Category High End Transportbänder
Width Adjustment: Manual
Inspection mode: Yes
Machine Size (L x W x H): xxx x 750 x 920
Max PCB Width: 330 mm 460 mm
Max PCB Lenght: 445mm 457mm

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