Jutze LI-6000
Art.Nr.: LI-6000

JUTZE Inline Optisches Inspektionssystem
  • user-friendly software interface with easy operation
  • easily adjustable measuring range and accuracy
  • Fast and high-precision scanning of the entire area with high height coverage
  • displays the faulty locations in real time
  • shadow-free display with four projectors and multi-angle lighting system
  • small installation dimension: 1080 x 1300 x 1850 m
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Item number LI-6000
Category Inspection
PCB Clearance Top: 35mm
PCB clearance Bot: 50mm
Weight: 734Kg
PCB Thickness: 0.6mm - 6.0mm
PCB Measurements: 50mm x 70mm - 510mm x 460mm
Machine dimensions: W1000 X D1170 X H1800(mm)

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