Offline Selective Soldering Systems

Start into the world of selective soldering
with the offline selective soldering machines of the ANT series from SASinno.

Small in price, big in performance

Our automated single station selective soldering system sets new standards in efficiency and performance. The compact offline batch system requires only 990 mm x 1308 mm x 1714 mm of space, making it ideal for cramped production environments.

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Selektivlötanlagen Software by SASinno

Modern Software

The ANT-i1 series has state-of-the-art software that offers extensive functions such as traceability and maintenance programmes. This allows you to always keep track of your production and keep operations running smoothly.

Innovative Technology

Our equipment uses a titanium solder pot and, if desired, an electromagnetic solder pump to ensure that you achieve optimum soldering results. Wave height monitoring, guarantees consistent quality with every soldering process. Drop-jet fluxer, IR preheating and live process control are standard equipment.

Selektivlötanlagen by Sasinno ANTi1
Venntek-Soldering - Selektivlötanlage

Best price-performance ratio in the market

The SASinno ANT-i1 offline selective soldering machine offers you the best price-performance ratio on the market. You get top quality and efficiency at an unbeatable price.  Experience the future of selective soldering with Venntek-SASinno Soldering Equipment. Invest in the ANT-i1 and increase the productivity of your production.


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