Inline PCB Cleaner
Art.Nr.: VT-LPC
-This unit can remove dust particles, and more. Top Cleaning of a PCB before solder paste printing will improve your reduction yield. Especially suitable for PCB with very small components or needed for larger PCB's. Equipped with Ionizing, Vacuum and customizable features.
PCB Width
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Standard features

  • PLC Program control
  • On-line automatic clean
  • All types of dust can be removed
  • Adhesive clean roll removes all dust from rolls
  • Ionizer removes electric static on the PWB Draw-out design for
  • Easy changing of adhesive rolls
  • Preset number of PCB & pre-warning counter to purge adhesive rolls
  • User friendly touch screen control panel
  • SMEMA compatible


  • SMEMA cable.(1.5m or specify)
  • Double side PCB processing
  • Electrical conveyor width adjustment
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment
  • Other options available on request

Item number VT-LPC
Category PCB Inline Cleaner
PCB Thickness: 0,6mm-4,5mm
Max PCB Width: 330 mm 460mm 250mm 390mm
Max PCB Lenght: 530mm 330mm 450 mm

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