Mas-i Series
Art.Nr.: Mas-i

SASinno VennTek-Soldering

MAS-i2 - The Latest Generation Selective Soldering System
Outstanding flexibility, high output performance

Highlights of the MAS Series Selective Soldering System

  • Inline system with extensive configuration options
  • Number of titanium solder pots is selectable
  • Number of fluxer modules is selectable
  • Type of solder wave pump is selectable
  • Preheating and zone management is selectable
  • Modern software including traceability, maintenance programs, etc.
  • Fiducial recognition
  • Camera/monitor system for real-time inspection of the soldering process
  • Wave height calibration
  • Short delivery times

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SASinno Selective Soldering Machine

Extensive Configuration Options

The SASinno inline selective soldering systems of the MAS-i series offer you an outstanding combination of high flexibility and performance!
Depending on your requirements and budget, we can optimally adjust your selective soldering system to your production processes.
By default, the MAS-i series is already optimized for high-end production.

Double or Quadruple Efficiency:

This innovative selective soldering machine can be equipped with two drop-jet fluxers, as well as two selective solder pots. This means that the MAS-i2 can process two circuit boards at the same time, doubling the production speed compared to conventional machines. Depending on the application and cycle time, these modules can be doubled or even tripled.

Precise Flux Application:

Our MAS-i2 is equipped with a high-quality drop-jet fluxer (Made in Germany) that operates with a 0.12 mm flow opening. This allows for flux points with a diameter of 3-5 mm or flux lines with a width of 3-5 mm to be created on the circuit board.

Versatile Fluxers:

The machine has two separate drop-jet fluxers. Our user-friendly software allows you to use one or both fluxers simultaneously. This is ideal if you want to process two identical boards at the same time and thus double your production.

Efficient Preheating:

By default, the MAS-i2 has a top heating with hot air convection and a bottom heating with an infrared preheating zone. This ensures an even preheating of your circuit boards.

High-Quality Soldering:

The MAS machines are equipped with high-quality titanium solder pots, which thanks to their patented propeller design provide the best stability for solder wave generation.

Independent Solder Pots:

The MAS-i2 is equipped with two independent solder pots, which can be used together in the XY plane but are independently positioned along the Z-axis. This allows for an automatic adjustment of the soldering system according to your requirements.

Optional Electromagnetic Pump Drive:

An optional electromagnetic pump drive (Made in Germany) is available, which ensures precise control of the solder amount.

User-Friendly Software:

Our top-class software offers an easy-to-understand user interface. With just a picture of the circuit board or a Gerber file, you can easily create flux or solder points and lines directly at the machine.

Learn more about the SASinno Selective Soldering Machine and increase your manufacturing efficiency today!

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