SMT Splice Connector Set Basic
Art.Nr.: all20212131

SMT Splicing Set Basic

Everything included to connect SMD belts correctly

Each product is made-up of the following items:

1x SMT Splice Clip | Part. No. S1903F00
1x SMD Gurtschneider | Part. No. S1920T00
1x SMD Splice Zange | Part. No. S1920Z00
1x Single Splice Tape ESD 8mm (grün) | Part. No. S1920C08G
1x Single Splice Tape ESD 12 mm (grün) | Part. No. S1920C12G
1x Single Splice Tape ESD 16 mm (grün) | Part. No. S1920C16G
1x Single Splice Tape ESD 24 mm (grün) | Part. No. S1920C24G
1x SMD Gurtverschliesser mit 2 Anfassern ESD gerecht 80 mm | Part. No. S0201-SGS-161-08


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