VennTek ELS-650 SMT Stencil Printer
Art.Nr.: VT-ELS-650

SMT Stencil Printer ELS-650 from VennTek.

The model ELS-650 is a reliable and easy to use fully automatic stencil printer for your SMT production.
The PCB format (print size) is 650 x 610 mm.

Our VennTek printing systems are fully compatible with standard SMT frames and stencil quick clamping systems such as:
Alpha Tetra, EKRA, Essemtec, Metz, QuattroFlex, Stencilman, VectorGuard, VectorMount etc.

Of course, all screen printers are equipped with a Windows-based operating system as well as a vacuum underside cleaning system that can be used wet or dry.

A 2D inspection completes the overall package of this System.

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VennTek SMT Stencil Printer ELS 650