VennTek ELS 450 SMT Screen Printer
Art.Nr.: VT-ELS-450

SMD Stencil Printer ELS-450 from VennTek.

The model ELS-450 is a reliable and easy to use fully automatic stencil printer for your SMT production.
The PCB format (print size) is 450 x 350 mm.

Our VennTek printing systems are fully compatible with standard SMT frames and stencil quick clamping systems such as:
Alpha Tetra, EKRA, Essemtec, Metz, QuattroFlex, Stencilman, VectorGuard, VectorMount etc.

Of course, all screen printers are equipped with a Windows-based operating system as well as a vacuum underside cleaning system that can be used wet or dry.

A 2D inspection completes the overall package of this system.

Further technical features of the SMT solder paste printing system VennTek ELS-450 from allSMT can be found below the product Video.

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VennTek Screen Printer ELS 450 

Reliable and easy to operate Screen Printer.
The ELS Series have short changeover time with flexible Frame adjustment function.
All Printers coming with a Windows-based Operation System.

  • understencil cleaning with vacuum
  • flexible frame adjustment
  • automatic width adjustment
  • 2D Inspection

Item number VT-ELS-450
Category SMT Screen Printer
2D Inspektion: Yes
Wet/Dry/Vacuum Cleaning: Yes
Transfer Direction: L-R, R-L, L-L, R-R
Conveyor Type: Single Lane
Communication: SMEMA
Tranprt Height: 900mm+/-50
Frame Size Min: 370mm×470mm
Frame Size Max: 737mm×737 mm
Maximum Size: 450mm×340mm
Minimum Size : 50 mm × 50 mm
Warpage: Maximum PCB Diagonal 1%
Maximum Board Weight: 6Kg
Repeated Precision of Printing: ±25micros (±0.001”) @6 s
PCB Thickness: 0,4-6mm
Condition: New
OEM: Venntek
Printing System: Full Automatic
Weight: 750Kg
Machine dimensions: W 1160mm x L 1490mm x H 1520mm

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